Learn about liposuction in Atlanta

SmartLipo is the latest in laser lipo licensed workstations. This provides a solid state laser that is capable of emitting laser radiation in three particular wavelengths such as 1064 nm, 1320nm, and 1440nm. These wavelengths can be used independently or can be blended using the using the multiplex technology. This procedure results in tissue coagulation and skin tightening. Moreover, this method received an FDA approval in 2006 and since then, has helped thousands of individuals eradicate unwanted body fat with less pain. This innovative procedure works by melting fat cell membranes and also has skin tightening abilities. Surgeons find it easier to remove both small and large body fat volumes without causing trauma and pain to the surrounding tissues. The next generation of laser liposuction is liposuction in Atlanta which offers far better results for people who want to enjoy their bodies and get rid of excess weight. Nonetheless, just like any other procedure, it also has certain risks that one should take note of. Risks may include infection at the treatment site, numbness in the area treated, lumpiness and dimpling in areas where fat is removed, scarring, skin discoloration, risk of burns, and sagging skin in the area treated. However, an experienced surgeon could minimize this risk and provide greater chances of a positive result.

What can SmartLipo multiplex do?

With SmartLipo Triplex, it is more effective and powerful compared to the SmartLipo and SmartLipo MPX methods. Furthermore, it has up to forty times greater capability to melt fat. It is the first multiplex triple laser lipolysis method that offers body contouring treatment for toning, shaping, and tightening the skin.

The advantages of SmartLipo Atlanta

The advantages of this procedure includes superior body contouring, tissue coagulation that results in better skin tightening, minimum pain and discomfort, high-definition sculpting capabilities, and fast patient recovery.



Freeze Fat with CoolSculpting Atlanta

Hello, I’m Sarah Green.

I’m thrilled to share with you one of my favorite procedures, which is known as CoolSculpting. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’re eating healthy, you’re exercising, but you continue to have some exercise resistant fat. Most people have these areas of fat either in their abdominal area, love handles, thighs, arms, bra folds, other areas that just really won’t go away. Coolsculpting is one such procedure that is non-invasive, non-surgical, little to no downtime (you can get right back to your activities) and it really works. What it’s going to do is it’s going to really go in and freeze the fat cells, with research that was based out of Harvard University, where we know that if you freeze fat cells, the fat cells go through natural apoptosis. This is natural cell death. Those cells are then cleared out of your body with your lymphatics. Your liver has a part to play in that and then it just gets cleared out of your body permanently. This is the fantastic thing about it. It is FDA-cleared and it is permanent fat reduction. That is very important and it is one of the only procedures of its kind that does this. Our protocols determine that you should really do this in each area twice, about four weeks apart, for maximum results. This can be up to 30-40% reduction of fat in that area. Again, it is safe, it’s effective, it is non-surgical, non-invasive, and it is FDA-cleared. There are many different applicators that we have that can be used on the different areas of your body. So, if you’d like to see if you’re a good candidate for this procedure, just visit Coolsculpting Atlanta to schedule a consultation.

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Coolsculpting Atlanta Testimony

Hi, I’m Ava Washka and I have suffered from stubborn mid-section belly and love handle area fat my entire life. It’s just been a genetic type of thing I guess. I’m not too sure. I tried every workout and every diet possible to get rid of that stomach fat where I would feel comfortable in a bikini. So, I heard of CoolSculpting and I figured I’d give it a shot. I wasn’t too sure about it but I decided to go ahead with it and so I did one day of three different areas on my stomach and love handle area. I also did a follow up treatment for two areas of my lower stomach and I wanted to see the full results by not exercising as well as not changing my diet at all. The results are amazing because I have a very contoured abdomen as well as a six pack. So my results have been absolutely fabulous without diet or exercise.

Information about gold necklaces for men

Precious metal Diamond : Natural per day karat gold is commonly alloyed in addition to bottom metals when it comes to making jewelry. Bottom metals alloyed combined with the gold might assist with solidify the actual gold, that throughout its pure state is really soft. Other gold qualities are generally changed when alloyed which includes shade, ductility in addition to melting things. Lower caratage metals regarding 22k, 18k, 14k in addition to 10k employ a larger amount regarding bottom metals including birdwatcher, one of the most frequently employed bottom steel, or even palladium or even gold. Birdwatcher metals transform the look regarding gold turning it into search reddish colored. So, gold with birdwatcher is referred to as rose gold. Eighteen-carat gold made up of just one one fourth birdwatcher ended up being common throughout traditional in addition to European jewelry. The japanese employ a standard hobby called Mokume-gane that produces decorative wood-grain consequences by means of the colour contrasts among laminated tinted gold metals.

gold chains for men

Several badges regarding authorities are produced with 15 karat bronze metals or even gold-copper metals. Violet gold is often a Gold-iron mix, that is more challenging to use plus more breakable. Aluminum-gold metals make magenta gold, employed just throughout specialized jewelry. Environment friendly gold is constructed from 15 karat in addition to 16 karat gold alloyed along with gold. Environment friendly gold is often a greenish-yellow colour. Dime or even palladium is alloyed with gold to build whitened gold. Some sort of silvery physical appearance is done through whitened 16 karat gold alloyed along with zinc, birdwatcher in addition to dime.

Dime whitened gold is licensed throughout European union because of the toxicity regarding dime. Alternate options to be able to dime metals are generally shown, yet more expensive.

White gold metals could possibly be dependant on whitened metals including for instance palladium in addition to gold. High-carat whitened gold metals are generally a lot better than both equally silver in addition to pure gold with regard to weight to be able to corrosion. For more information, visit jewelreviews.org | gold chains for men

Ultherapy Atlanta Provides Skin Tightening

What is Ultherapy and how does it work?

Ultherapy is a revolutionary and great new piece of technology that is going to change the face of skin tightening (pun-intended). Traditionally in the past, we would achieve skin tightening by using a laser or an Intensed Pulsed Light therapy to cause heat in the collagen layer of the skin. Heat would cause that collagen to denature, pull, and tighten and it does a great job for this. Ultherapy not only does that layer of skin, but it creates heating or micro-injuries that reaching the muscle layer of the skin as well.

What is the difference between Ultherapy and a surgical face lift?

So in surgery, when we do a face lift, we want to go after the superficial muscular aponeurotic system layer of muscle and pull it and tighten it. Ultherapy goes after that same layer of muscle that we would during plastic surgery event and causes those micro injuries inside that muscle layer. The injuries will then heal causing a pulling, tightening, and lifting of the skin and the muscle layer where we get great results.


Who are good candidates for Ultherapy?

So this technology is great for somebody who’s not yet ready for a face lit or doesn’t have the downtime for plastic surgery, but wants to achieve some of the effects of the lifting, pulling, and tightening that is involved with that. It’s a great piece of technology and we love using it here in Ultherapy Atlanta. For more information visit the Ultherapy Atlanta page from Slimplasty at http://slimplasty.com/ultherapy-atlanta/