This is the most effective way to remove stains and odors from your mattress!

Over time, you probably happened to have a mattress, especially if you had small children. From today onwards you have to find out that there is a great method that can help you remove the unpleasant stains and odors in the mattress, using some ingredients you have at your fingertips. Below are the famous recipes that will help you do that!


  • 250 ml of hydrogen peroxide
  • 3 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate
  • A drop of liquid soap or liquid detergent


  • For the solution to be effective at the maximum, it must be prepared before it is applied
  • First mix hydrogen peroxide with bicarbonate until the latter dissolves
  • After it has dissolved, add the mixture to a spray container
  • Then add a little liquid detergent or liquid soap, close the container well and mix well
  • Apply the solution to the patches of the mattress

How to remove stains from the mattress:

  • Leave active foam to act
  • Wait to dry, or with a feather or fan hurry to dry the area if you do not have patience.
  • Use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove remaining bio carbons.
  • It’s the simplest way to clean the mattress. The results will leave you speechless. In addition to efficient cleaning, you must know that you will also get rid of the mites hidden in the depths of the fabric.

When choosing a mattress, how does it determine the right weight and thickness?

The mattress must provide maximum comfort and thermal insulation at a minimum weight. However, comfort and weight are criteria of opposite choice, so the thickest / comfortable mattress is always the hardest. Those who want the least weight or plan long trips, when they carry their equipment daily, opt for the lightest mattress. Those who go camping in the car, where weight and volume are not important, will choose a more comfortable mattress. However, for the new mattresses, themattress store Fort Worth Clearfork is the best option locally.

How do you determine what is the best mattress width for you?

The chosen mattress must be wide enough so that the chest does not exceed the edges. It’s a matter of individual comfort. In terms of width, mattresses come in 3 sizes: 51 cm, 63 cm and 76 cm.