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Do you wake up in the morning with the feeling that you can use a better night’s sleep? Then it is probably time for a new mattress. Your mattress determines for a large part how well you sleep. But how do you determine which mattress suits you well? Due to the many possibilities that exist, orienting and choosing a new mattress is often an entire undertaking. Experts are happy to tell you what to look out for and what the different characteristics of the mattress types are. This way you can orient yourself well and choose your ideal mattress.

Mattress and sleeping position

When choosing a new mattress your sleeping position is one of the most important factors that you have to take into account. Every sleeping posture requires its own mattress. When you sit or stand, your ligaments and back muscles maintain the natural shape of your spine. During sleeping, the mattress takes over this function. That is why it is important to choose a mattress that supports your spine in such a natural way.

Side sleeper

As a side sleeper it is important that your shoulder and hip can sink into the mattress sufficiently. This way the spine is well supported and your spine remains in a straight line.

Back sleeper

As a back sleeper, make sure that your spine can continue to make an S shape. Don’t choose a hard mattress. If your mattress is too hard, your pelvis tilts too much forward causing a cavity in your back.

Buick sleeper

When you sleep on your stomach you need a firm underlay. We usually recommend choosing a slightly firmer mattress. Whether you choose a medium or hard mattress depends on your posture.

What do you pay attention to when choosing a new mattress?

Current sleep situation

It is good to delve into your current sleep situation. First make clear to yourself what type of sleeper you are. In which sleeping position do you sleep? Is your bed adjustable? And what type of bed base do you have now? If you have a clear answer to these questions, you can orientate more specifically.

Physical complaints

If you have physical complaints such as back or neck pain, it is advisable not to choose a mattress that is too hard or too soft Are you allergic? Then a latex mattress from Mattress Store Lone Tree is a good solution. This mattress is anti-allergic and free from harmful substances.


Every night you lose about a teacup to your moisture. Because this can lead to mold formation, good ventilation is very important. Pocket spring and cold foam mattresses have good ventilating properties. Latex and memory foam mattresses ventilate less well.