Exploring the Baby Mattresses and their Use

A baby sleeps an average of 16 hours a day. No wonder, therefore, that a good sleeping environment is of great importance. A solid mattress is a nice start, because say yourself: on a bad mattress you don’t sleep as well as an adult? And do you not become a little moody? Well, we just want to avoid that for your little one, for his and your peace of mind! Which things should you pay attention to? This handy checklist will help you on your way!

  1. Firmness

A baby mattress must be firm in the first place. In a too soft mattress, babies drop away, which is not good for their backs? For a baby mattress, the stronger the mattress, the better the back support!

  1. Hygiene

A hygienic sleeping environment is very important for your baby. Therefore, choose a removable and washable mattress cover. Also note the maximum washing temperature: washing at 60 ° C kills bacteria and dust mites. This way your baby always sleeps on a clean sleeping surface!

  1. Do you choose second-hand?

A second-hand baby mattress is a lot cheaper than a brand new one. Yet you better pay attention to deformations and stains. The firmness can also be reduced by the previous use. If there are no deformations and the mattress is still firm, you can use a new mattress protector to tackle the hygienic aspect.

  1. Size

How do you determine the correct mattress size? Simple: measure the inside size of your crib or baby bed and ensure that the distance between the mattress and the cradle is never more than 2 cm.

For height, there is a difference in mattresses for crib, playpen and pram (6 cm) and mattresses for the bed (8 cm).

  1. Length of the mattress

Most mattresses are 200 cm long. At Mattress Tucsonyou will find perfect mattresses for babies. The length of the mattress is very important, but many people don’t choose the length of the mattress in the right way: they consider the size of the bed and the bedroom, but not the length of their child’s body.