Recommended Mattress Models in 2018

The Supreme offer consists of a mattress with orthopedic arches and a surface cover. The super-orthopedic mattress incorporates arches made of 2.4 mm diameter wire, heat-treated for high strength. The total height of the mattress is 27 centimeters, which gives it a high degree of firmness and a good support of your column.

Features of Supreme Mat

Being a spring mattress, air circulation is encouraged, and overheating of the body during sleep is avoided. The edges are stiffened with polyurethane bars of 5 centimeters thick, so the firmness of the mattress is preserved, no matter where you choose to sit.

The cover is made of a blend of cotton and viscose, padded and compacted on a non-allergenic volumetric textile backing. This means it is soft, pleasant to the touch and will not cause allergies. It features two girls that can be used according to the season, a face with a layer of 1 cm thick wool that can be used in winter and a layer of anti-allergic textile wool for summer. The lateral band is reinforced and provided with air vents on both sides to allow air circulation.

The goose helps to dress and protect the mattress on a face, but also to maintain an anti-allergic surface due to the treatment against mites. Being removable, it can be easily removed and washed in the car. It does not siphon to wash, does not deform and does not require lime. From the mattress stores in Arizona you will find the best mattresses in the state.

Basic Memory Mattress

Basic Memory Mat foam incorporates 12 centimeters of foam with increased firmness and 8 centimeters of memory foam. The sleeping surface becomes very comfortable and relaxing, soft, adapts quickly to your sleep patterns and offers a restful sleep.

The increased memory foam size creates superior comfort and a sense of lack of body weight, releasing key pressure zones around hips, shoulders and limbs. This encourages blood circulation and orthopedic position, so forget about numbness or pain when waking up.

The surface cover is fixed; undisturbed, made of natural cotton and anti-allergic cotton wool, and on the side there are ventilation buttons. This prevents overheating and increased humidity inside and at the surface of the mattress. All materials in this mattress have been treated against mites and microorganisms.

It is the perfect choice if you have any sensitivity to dust, asthma or spring allergies. The size of the mattress can be chosen by you and the maximum permissible weight per user is 120 kilograms. Although not the cheapest mattress, we recommend it with warmth to those who seek to immerse in a carefree, sleepless sleep.